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A Bear and a Dog

It is a beautiful Sunday today. I want to start writing for the world and to express everything that is within me. It may take some time to get used to building this website, but I believe it can be done. And with only a little effort to start, anything is possible. I'll talk about my life and what I am usually thinking about on a regular basis. And, on a funny note, I got attacked by a dog yesterday while jogging. Wow! I don't know what breed it was but it was big. I'm 5 feet 11 inches and this dog was about half my size standing on all fours. Lol. It just ran up to me growling, and pounced. I lost my balance a little but ran as fast as I could away from it. Luckily the owners of the dog were outside and yelled its name to stop attacking. Thankfully. You just never know what happens in a day. Take care to keep an eye out for crazy animals I guess. I'm starting to lift some weights ever since this event. There are still plenty of reasons to get strong.

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