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Youtube Channel in the making!

I figured out how to make a YouTube channel over the weekend. I am still learning, but I go by the name of Yami Yumi as of right now. The channel background has pictures of my favorite anime called Haganai. Yami Yumi can be translated to mean "black bow, or dark bow." I need some ideas for a cool channel name. I have made three videos so far and one has 30 views. The channel is going to be focused on gaming and marketing. I am really enjoying the journey so far, the hardest part is over, which is getting started, and I am ready to make this channel into something spectacular. My favorite you-tubers are PewDiePie, jacksepticeye, and Markiplier. I really want to meet all three of these guys someday. I really do believe in myself and this channel. I've got two subscribers already and I am on my way to create a channel that everyone will love. I'll post YouTube videos on this site as well.

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